GRCH 'PR' Col Riv Amber-Lt Rd Ranger Rio DNA-VIP
U.K.C. & A.D.B.A. Registered

Rio at Nationals 2003
Photos by Shana Bobbitt

Photo by Bully Designs
Rio handled by Michelle Petty, 2/8/03

RIO wins CHAMPION class at the Cascade APBT Club show Feb 8, 2003 under Judge June Pasko to become a GRAND CHAMPION. Rio was handled by Michelle Petty

Rio Wins Two More Champion classes!
September 28, 2002, under Judge Judy Jones!!
November 29, 2002 under Judge Janie Collins!!

photo by Shana Blumenberg

photo by Shana Blumenberg

photo by Alicia Ivie

Stats Old Family Red Nose D.O.B. 07/08/97 Call Name: "Rio"


Parents Grandparents Gr. Grandparents
'PR' Hardy's Hydro 'PR' Wilder's Red Bruiser 'PR' Wilders Geronimo II
'PR' Spacy's Taxi
'PR' Sitze's Red Scarlet 'PR' Yeargain's Red Gator
'PR' Sitzes' Red Special
'PR' Red Ranger Flashfire DNA-VIP 'PR' Gutierrez's Red Zentoro DNA-P 'PR' David's Red Rambo
'PR' Gutierrez's Red Amber
'PR' Red Ranger Red Wild Fire DNA-P 'PR' Wood's Redlines Red Destroyer
'PR' Wood's Wilder Miss X


Ch PR Col Riv Amber-Lt Rd Ranger Rio

Rio won Ch of Chs and went on to take Best of Breed at the Pudget Sound K-9's Club on July 11, 1999, under Judge Sandy Comer

photo: Steven Ross Photography

old family red at it's finest

Photo J. Arnold
Rio takes Reserve Champion of Champions
Under Judges Sandra Drake & John Tompkins!
Handled by Anna King

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