'PR' Columbia River Amber-Lite Riata DNA-VIP
U.K.C. & A.D.B.A. Registered
February 21 2001 - November 12 2007

Riata at 8 months
Photo Shana Bobbitt

Riata at 11 weeks chewing on a big chunk of mowed grass. Just got her ears cropped.

Daddy Rip and baby Riata.


Parents Grandparents Gr. Grandparents
UWPCHX UWPO GRCH PR Amber Lt Col Riv Rd Ranger Rip DNA-VIP PR Squires' Red Shredder Wilders DNA-P PR David's Red Rambo
PR Wood's Wilder Red
PR Red Ranger Red Wild Fire DNA-P PR Wood's Redlines Red Destroyer
PR Wood's Wilder Miss X
GRCH PR Col Riv Amber-Lt Rd Ranger Rio DNA-VIP PR Hardy's Hydro DNA-P PR Wilder's Red Bruiser
PR Sitze's Red Scarlet
PR Red Ranger Flashfire DNA-VIP PR Gutierrez's Red Zentoro DNA-P
PR Red Ranger Red Wild Fire DNA-P

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