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December 7-9, 2007

Nikki earns her UWP-V Title at the Cascade APBT Club Weight Pull Nov. 25, 2007.

Nikki earns her UWP CHAMPION Title at the Cascade APBT Club Weight Pull Aug. 4, 2007.

Nikki earns her UWP Title at the Cascade APBT Club Weight Pull Aug. 21, 2005.

Photo by Bully Designs
Nikki on 4/6/03

Photo by PanGraf

Volcano View Rat Terrier Club March 21, 2004 under Judge Michael Pearson

Nikki wins another Champion class under Judge Michael Pearson 2/9/03
This is her third win towards Grand Champion

Nicole wins Reserve Champion at the Cascade APBT Club show Nov. 24, 2001 under Judge: Victoria Lovely

Nikki wins BEST OF SHOW at the Cascade APBT Club show July 29th under Judge Jerry Brown

And Reserve Champion July 28th under Judge Dot Jacobs.

Nikki takes Champion of Champions at the American Eskimo Dog Assoc. of Oregon show April 7th under Judge Judy Jones

And Reserve Champion on April 8th under Judge Sandra Drake.

Nik waiting for her peice of bacon! Yes she is SPOILED!

1 year 5 months

Nikki Nikki
Beautiful Nikki at 5 months


Parents Grandparents Gr. Grandparents
GRCH PR Amber-Lite Bogan DNA-P GRCH U-CDX PR Hanson's Jo-Mite BH WH OFA CH 'PR' Camarano's Buster Jo
PR Hemphill's Red Dina-Mite
GR CH PR Amber-Lite Showtown Ms. T DNA-P PR Amber Lt Zuel Showtown
CH PR Amber-Lite Shwtwns Misty
GRCH PR Col Riv Amber-Lt Rd Ranger Rio DNA-VIP PR Hardy's Hydro PR Wilder's Red Bruiser
PR Sitze's Red Scarlet
PR Red Ranger Flashfire DNA-VIP PR Gutierrez's Red Zentoro DNA-P
PR Red Ranger Red Wild Fire DNA-P

Best Female

PR Amber-Lite Columbia Riv Nicole

Saturday 2/12/00 at the CAPBTC Show under Judge Susan Nikkel

Nikki took Best Female under Susan Nikkel and Reserve Female at the second show on Saturday under Dennis Blickenstaff

Nikki takes Best Female at the AEDAW show June 10th under Judge Chrystyne Gettman!

Nikki at 8 weeks
Nikki at 8 weeks old

Nikki at 4 weeks of age
Nikki at 4 weeksNikki at 4 weeks
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