'PR' Amber-Lite Col River Little Bit
U.K.C. Registered
09/04/94 ~ 05/19/09
Call Name: "Little Bit"

Thank you to Ron and Lorrie Heasley for the flowers


Parents Grandparents Gr. Grandparents
GRCH 'PR' Amber-Lite Bogan GRCH U-CDX 'PR' Hanson's Jo-Mite CH 'PR' Camarano's Buster Jo
'PR' Hemphill's Red Dina-Mite
GRCH 'PR' Amber-Lite Showtown MsT 'PR' Amber-Lite Zuel Showtown
CH 'PR' Amber-Lite Showtown's Misty
'PR' Amber Lite Col Riv Star GRCH 'PR' Columbia River Blaze CH 'PR' Tufftown Smokin' Joe
'PR' Gary's Fancy Princess
'PR' Amber-Lite Larum's Sizz'l GRCH 'PR' Amber-Lite Mad Dillon
GRCH 'PR' Larum's Lehman Amy

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