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Little Bits of News

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"...this just in..."

And now for our recent wins:

Whisper did really well at her first dog show - awarded Best novice puppy the 2nd show. Thanks Angie for handling her.

Bronzed Sculpture of Bogan: Jim Gion

Take A Look At Our Males

UWPCH CH PR Amberlite Col Riv Red Ruckus CGC TT
CH 'PR' Tahoe's Amber-Lite Sr Bentley
CH PR Amber-Lite C'Ya On Da Go4 Cam Digger
CH PR Wetzel's Amber-Lite DieselCGC
UWP PR Amber-Lite All I Want 4 Christmas Bling
Amber-Lite Jack
Amber-Lite Moe

Visit Our Females

UWPCHX UWPV GRCH PR Amberlite Columbia Riv Nicole
UWPV UWPCHX CH PR Amber-Lite Columbia Riv Delta
CH PR Amber-Lite Columbia Riv Cabrio
CH PR Amber-Lite Columbia Riv Ginger
PR Allen's Amber-Lite Cinnamon
PR Wetzel's Amber-Lite Dolly CGC
Amber-lite Destiny BlowntheWind Whisper
Amber-Lite Ring In The New Year Eve

Points Of Interest

Tribute to Penina and Mike Snyder
Bred By Amber-Lite/Columbia River Kennels
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Farewell, Old Friends

'PR' Columbia River Amber-Lt John
UWPCHX UWPO GRCH PR Amber Lt Col Riv Rd Ranger Rip
CH PR Columbia Riv Amber-Lite Chase
PR Amber-Lite Col River Little Bit
GRCH PR Amber-Lite Bogan
CH PR Columbia Riv Amber-Lt Mercedes
GR CH 'PR' Columbia River Blaze DNA-P
GR CH 'PR' Amber-Lite Showtown MsT
GRCH PR Amber-Lite Columbia River Doty
GRCH 'PR' Col Riv Amber-Lt Rd Ranger Rio
PR Amber-Lite Col Riv Black Jack
CH PR AmbLt ColRiv GrtLks Bitterroot
CH PR Col Riv Amber-Lite Capt Morgan
PR Amber-Lite Columbia Riv Riata

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