CH PR Amber-Lite C'Ya On Da Go4 Cam
a.k.a. "Digger"
D.O.B. June 29, 2008
Co-owned with Melanie Mills

2 weeks

Digger has two Champion of Champion wins
under judges Matt Proctor and Pat Johnson
at the American Eskimo Dog Assoc. of WA
Aug 8th-9th in Menlo WA.

Mel and Digger

Mel and Digger

Photos below are from the weekend of July 25-26, 2009
at the Cascade APBT Club shows in Castle Rock WA

Best of Winners
Judge Mark Golden

Best of Winners
Carlos Rodriquez

Best of Winners
Judge Pat Johnson


Parents Grandparents Gr. Grandparents
CH 'PR' Tahoe's Amber-Lite Sr Bentley DNA-VIP CH 'PR' Amblt ColRiv Tahoe DNA-P UWPV UWPCHX GRCH PR Amber Lt Col Riv Rd Ranger Rip DNA-VIP
CH PR Yankee Pride Cover Girl
CH 'PR' Amber-Lite Columbia Riv Ginger DNA-VIP CH 'PR' Columbia Riv Amber-Lite Chase DNA-VIP
GRCH 'PR' Amber-Lite Columbia River Doty DNA-P
UWP CH 'PR' Columbia Riv Amber-Lite Delta DNA-VIP GRCH PR Amber-Lite Bogan DNA-P GRCH U-CDX PR Hanson's Jo-Mite BH WH OFA
GR CH PR Amber-Lite Showtown Ms. T DNA-P
CH PR Columbia Riv Amber-Lt Mercedes DNA-P 'PR' Hayes Sysco Kid
Rash's Queen Sheba

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