GR CH 'PR' Columbia River Blaze DNA-P


U.K.C. Registered



Parents Grandparents Gr. Grandparents
CH 'PR' Tufftown Smokin' Joe 'PR' Martins Caesar of Tuff 'PR' Journeays Red Cochise
Topsey Turvey
CH 'PR' Calamity of Tufftown 'PR' Tarantinos Jo Palooka
CH 'PR'Mazzei's Molly Tufftown
'PR' Gary's Fancy Princess 'PR' Staten's Duke 'PR' Mincemeat Mac
'PR' Malibu Misty
'PR' Caesar's Ruby 'PR' Martins Caesar of Tuff
'PR' Carol's Monieke

GRCH 'PR' Columbia River Blaze
Lives On In His Offspring

GRCH 'PR' Rolling Thunder
Owned by: Tom Saridakis

GRCH 'PR' Amber-Lite Columbia River Doty
Owned by: Amber-lite Kennels

CH 'PR' Columbia River Blitz
Owned by: Brian Hongel

CH 'PR' Power-Line Jericho
Owned by: Mike & Patti Brannan

CH 'PR' Columbia River Kizzie
Owned by: Columbia River Kennels

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